“Likewise, for those of us who are in position to do something to combat human slavery, however small our contribution, neutrality is a sin” … -Inspector General Joseph E. Schmitz, Department of Defense

Lets engage with the following quotation through panel discussions, videos, stories from Calvin students and alumni, and trafficking organizations December 1st – 5th

Monday:  Information Table  9-3pm in Johnny’s

  • Fair Trade Sale in the Library Lobby – sale of handcrafted items from Women at Risk

Tuesday: Information Table  9-3pm in Johnny’s

  •  Fair Trade Sale in the Library Lobby – sale of handcrafted items from Women at Risk
  •  “Not For Sale” video, 7pm in the Commons Lecture Hall 

Not For Sale is a documentary based off the organization started by David Batstone’s book, Not 4 Sale. Learn more about the organization and how to get involved here: www.notforsalecampaign.org

Wednesday:Trafficking Panel, 7pm in the Commons Lecture Hall

  • Kelly Froehlich is a  representative from an organization called Stop Child Trafficking Now. They are currently organizing a walk in new york city for the fall of 2009. For more information about the organization, what they are doing, and child trafficking, go to their webiste:  http://www.stopchildtraffickingnow.org/cm/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=48&Itemid=58
  • Becky McDonald is the president and founder of Women at Risk International, an organization based out of Grand Rapids that partners with organizations within a country to protect women and children from slavery, abuse, the effects of HIV/AIDS, and more. They have a strong emphasis on anti-trafficking efforts, especially in the sex trade.  Their mission statement: “Women At Risk, International unites and educates women to create circles of protection and hope around women at risk through culturally sensitive, value-added intervention projects.”For more information both on women at risk in the world and her organization, go here  http://warinternational.org

Thursday: BBC Trafficking Documentary (focuses on child slavery), 7pm in the Meeter Center

Friday: Call and Response” video, Celebration Cinema North (time to be determined)

  • Call and Response: CALL+RESPONSE is a first of its kind feature documentary film that reveals the world’s 27 million dirtiest secrets: there are more slaves today than ever before in human history. CALL+RESPONSE goes deep undercover where slavery is thriving from the child brothels of Cambodia to the slave brick kilns of rural India to reveal that in 2007, Slave Traders made more money than Google, Nike and Starbucks combined. 

The film is showing friday , to learn more go here: 

Monday, December 8th: Benefit Improv Show, 9pm in the Gezon cost $2