So we have this incredible event coming up.


Hope College will be performing the play “On the Edge of the Knife: Rape as a Tactic of War Against Women in the DRC.” The event will be held on Sunday December 7th, at 3:00 on the Chapel Undercroft.

The group has received permission from Amnesty International to use the stories of women who have experienced rape and violence because of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). These women have experienced horrible brutality. One of the purposes of this event is to raise awareness for their situation.

Another purpose is to raise support for the work done by Doctor Mukwege, the founder of Panzi Hospital in the DRC. Doctor Mukwege focuses on caring for these women who have experienced sexual violence, repairing fistulas and urogenital tracts, and advocating upon their behalf worldwide. While the event is free, we are encouraging people to consider giving a donation of $10.

Recently, the DRC has appeared in news headlines quite frequently. Violence has escalated, there is concern for the increasing number of child soldiers, and vulnerability of the the growing population of displaced people.

Along with SJC, the International Health and Development club, InterVarsity Mission Fellowship, and Sexual Assault Prevention Team will be cosponsoring the event.

It will be a great opportunity for us to be more aware of these women’s situation and encourage dialogue around these issues, particularly in light of the recent occurrences in the DRC.

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